Why this Soda?


Over 200 Years ago, the soft drink was invented as a nutritional and therapeutic drink.

In their original use, soft drinks contained compounds that would relieve pain and stress. They weren’t as… deleterious as “hard drinks”. They were viewed as medicinal tonics and could “sooth the stomach” so to speak. But something changed...

Over time, poor business practices and short-term profit motives have stripped the original recipe of all its benefit, and turned it into a horrific concoction of phosphoric acid, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners. In some places, soda is cheaper than water and used as a pesticide.

This is causing people to turn away and look for healthy and alternative drinks.

Charlie’s Chaga wants to be apart of change that is coming and return the soda to its roots.

Using Nature’s super food ingredients: Chaga, the King of Medicinal Mushrooms, Cinnamon, Cherries, Ginger and pure Maple syrup, we’ve created Nature's Most Delicious Super Food Soft Drink, Charlie’s Chaga, Soda of the Woods.

Chaga is a mushroom with the potential for amazing health benefits, including:

  • Immune System Support

  • Anti-Oxidant

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Anti-Viral

  • Skin Benefits

  • and more...

Chaga Soda isn't just great tasting. It's all-natural, non-GMO and made 100% in the USA. Chaga Cola, LLC has a commitment to both health and sustainability of our products. We work with foragers who source Chaga Mushrooms from sustainable locations and take great care to protect the forests in which they work. A percentage of our profits goes to organizations working to promote sustainability and environmental restoration. See our page About Us to learn more. Join the movement today, try Charlie’s Chaga Soda!





Using our dual-extraction process, we maximally yield the active ingredients in the Chaga.

We combine Chaga and Maple Syrup for a real woodsy taste, a true Northern treat:

Chaga Cola was made to be healthy and tasty.

Have your soda and drink it too!

what health benefits?

Drinking this beverage is like consuming an elixir of immortality. People feel energized and happy afterwards - the color and the compounds supercharge the body.

It was known in ancient Siberian and Chinese medicine to be a stomach soother and immune booster.

Chaga was a vital mushroom for the survival of Paleolithic people. They used it for making soup broth, for cleansing wounds, for starting fires, for dying their clothes.


As far as we know, Chaga can be taken by anyone, both healthy people and most definitely the sick. Why?

It provides what the ancient auyrevedic call Prana, revitalizing your tissues and filling your body with light. One of the natural pigment in the outer shell of the mushroom, which gives it the black appearance, is Melanin. It's an extremely powerful antioxidant that may also exhibit genoprotective (DNA) effects.

Because we only buy Chaga from birch (or Betula) trees, we can guarantee it is rich source of Betulinic Acid. People have known of the powers of the birch trees for thousands of years, it wasn't until now that we can finally run a clinically study and show that it may have antitumor/anticancer properties, particularly for melanoma. The Russians suggested to use Chaga medicinally in the 1950s making powerful claims, and indeed in much of the world, Chaga is used for all sorts of ailments. The Japanese name for Chaga is Kabanoanatake or "Diamond of the Forest".

Chaga is known to contain Beta Glucans (1-3 β-glucans) , a group of polysaccharides that may lower cholesterol and boost your immunity to fight viruses and bacteria. It also has a compound called Inositol which can help decrease anxiety and improve insulin sensitivity.

For the antioxidant punch, the Diamond of the Forest is loaded with Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). Not only does Chaga Cola contain one super food, but it has several in fact. Maple Syrup is very rich in Manganese, which is a precursor to the production of SOD in the body. This slow the aging in the body and allows it to handle more oxidative stress (like running and lack of sleep) and expel more foreign bodies. As the world becomes more polluted with toxic chemical and micro-plastics, we might do well to have some extra help.

To learn more about the history and benefits of Chaga, click on the link, or go to the page, What is Chaga?

Bring some woods to your life


(We know it can be difficult to get out to the woods in this modern age, so let us bring the woods to you.)